6/1 - Miss Deaf Illinois

A good friend of mine, Tara Holaday, approached me to do a photo shoot with her with her in her Miss Deaf Illinois dress and sash. The reigning Miss Deaf Illinois needed a new picture of her so the pagent can have a recent photo of her to use for the pageant that is scheduled this July.

She's a great friend of mine and has been on my softball team for the past three years as one the longest-tenured member for the RIT/Gallaudet Sports Weekend. She plays in centerfield and pitches for the team. Unfortunately, she got an injured knee few weeks before the weekend so she had to sit out the game. I felt really bad for her because the softball team got their first victory in three years and she wasn't part of that. But one of the great things about her is that she always has a positive attitude and she keeps everybody's heads up. That's one of the things I love about her and in people in general. Always being optimistic.

Anyway, here's two photos of her: One is just a nice pose of her and the another one is one that I really like. It wasn't a planned shot while it's more of a candid shot. I really thought it turned out nice so I'm putting it up here.