3/29 - Iowa Cubs Open House

Hi folks,

For the first time in nearly two months, I finally got some new content on my blog!

With the baseball season just around the corner, the Iowa Cubs hosted an open house at Principal Park in Des Moines. They allowed the fans to get in the stadium for free and let them explore all over the place. The clubhouse, the skybox, the dugouts, everything.

Now, I pretty much know the inside outs of Principal Park since I've been going there when I was a baby. Being a former bat boy helped too. But I wanted to go out there because I needed to see some real baseball stuff!

A banner of Anthony Rizzo on the facade of Principal Park. They got banners of other players around the stadium as well, such as Geovany Soto, Micah Hoffpauir, Jeff Samardzija, Bobby Scales, etc...

The fans lineup to buy some tickets.

Prepping the field for the home opener on Thursday, April 3rd.

Life throws you a curve... directly into the Iowa Cubs' clubhouse. 

The batting cage in the clubhouse. This is the only batting cage at Principal Park. Both the Cubs and the visiting team would share the cage whenever they need to. 

The Iowa Cubs' clubhouse. They've changed it a lot since I was the bat boy in 2006. It's nicer than the clubhouse at Wrigley Field! 

I "heard" some chatter around the park that Javier Baez, the Cubs' no. 1 prospect, will be wearing #17 for the Iowa Cubs. My favorite number. How fitting. 

The Cub Club restaurant just beyond the left field wall. I dare you to say "Cub Club" three times fast.  

Timeless baseball caps waiting to be brought by fans in the team store. 

The baseball seams statue sitting directly in the front of the main facade of Principal Park.