8/28 - Hill and E-Pat

It's another one of those days where former Iowa Cubs from my bat boy days comes into town on the visiting team. It's always good to see them and it makes me happy that I get a chance to catch up with them a little bit. The first former Iowa Cub that I saw this summer was Buck Coats with the Charlotte Knights (Chicago White Sox). This time around, Rich Hill and Eric Patterson both are in town with the Pawtucket Red Sox.

Rich Hill exchanges the lineup card with the umpires before the game.

Eric Patterson awaits for his turn to hit in the dugout during the first inning.

Former Iowa Cubs Rich Hill and Eric Patterson poses for a picture.

8/28 - Barney versus the Famous Chicken

While the Famous Chicken was dancing in front of the crowd at Frontier Field, an old friend stopped by to pay a visit and have a little dance-off with the Famous Chicken.

As you can see, Barney is far superior to the Famous Chicken in dancing skills.

Barney doing a breakdance to beat the Famous Chicken in the dance-off.

The Famous Chickens bows to Barney on his knees, giving him the title as the dancing champ.

The Famous Chicken shows respect to Barney and now are good friends.

Apparently, the Famous Chickens had other thoughts.


8/28 - The Battle of the Famous Chicken

The Famous Chicken, the best minor league baseball mascot of all-time, paid a visit to Frontier Field in Rochester, New York for the Red Wings-Pawtucket Red Sox game.

During the game, the chicken picked a fight with several of the Red Sox players and he paid the ultimate price.

Several Red Sox players piles on the Famous Chicken as he tried to taunt them.

The Red Sox players sends a strong message to the bruised Famous Chicken.

The Famous Chicken returned the next inning for a little revenge of his own.

Victory is mine!!

8/25 - SVP Move In Day Part 2

Here's a couple more pictures from the SVP Move In Day:

8/25 - Park Point After Rainy Day

Went outside and took a couple of long-exposured images of my new apartment complex, Park Point. I had no tripod, so I had to make do with what I could find in the environment (top of car, ground, etc..)

8/22 - Loki and Spike

Two of my best friends from home, my dogs! Loki is a 5-year old Keeshond, while 2-year old Spike is a mixture of Maltese, Poodle, and Yourkie.

The last picture was the first time I've ever taken a decent picture of the two together, because whenever I try to take the two together, one of them is always misbehaving (Spike), but I'm not naming any names.

8/22 - SVP Move In Day

Yesterday was the move-in day for incoming freshmen entering National Technology Institute for the Deaf (NTID) in Rochester, New York. The freshmen got to move two-three weeks before school starts on Labor Day so they could get to know the campus, get some taste of classes by taking sampling classes and basically just getting settled in so they can make a smooth transition from the high school life to college.

A mini-fridges waits for the elevator in Ellingson (Tower A)

Denice Lee says her good-byes to her family as they leave the Ellingson Circle

An incoming freshman sorts through her things before moving into her dorm room in front of Ellingson

SVP Orientational Assistant Bobby Harris checks out a cart to a student in the Ellingson Quad

Wait, I actually took non-baseball images? What is wrong with me!?!?!?!?

Kidding! :-)

8/20 - Lack of Updates

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I want to apologize for the lack of updates in the past week and half. I just don't have a lot of opportunities to go out and get some pictures. I went home for two weeks, and when I came back to Rochester, I was busy packing up my old apartment and moving into a new one.

However, I want to assure everybody that this will still be an ongoing progress of my work. With school starting up again in two weeks and my working for RIT Sports Information, you should get some more updates with more variety this time around.

Thank you for your patience!

Dylan H

8/5 - Photo of the Games, Indianapolis Series (7/15-7/19)

1. Brian Dinkelman slides into home safely in the fifth inning

2. Brock Peterson adjusts his sunglasses before the game

3. Wilson Ramos begins a rundown on the third baseline

4. Matt Macri makes a sliding catch in the 5th inning