5/30 - Spunky, Silly Spike

The runt of the Heuer Family, Spike Heuer, a mixture of maltese, yorkie, and a frickin' poodle. But he is just a fantastic dog to be around. As the title describes him, he's silly and spunky. He loves to play with his family and is always doing something in the backyard. In the first picture, he's just running around the yard, which is his favorite thing to do. In the second picture, he's chewing on some sticks. In the third picture, he's like "You looking at me??" And in the final picture, he's chewing on some bottle cap or something. I was taking pictures of him and I had a blast watching my mom trying to chase Spike to get the thing out of his mouth. But anyway, here's my spunky, silly Spike!

5/30 - Mammas Trädgård (Mom's Garden)

If there's one thing that my mom loves to do every spring or summer, it's gardening. Here's a few snapshots of the peony flowers that mom planted recently off to the side of our house. Beautiful, isn't it?

5/25 - Fan Favorites

My second set of the Iowa Cubs photos that I'm putting up today. They're more portrait pictures instead of action shots. The three shown above are basically the face and favorites of the Iowa Cubs. Bobby Scales and Micah Hoffpauir have been favorites with the Iowa Cubs' fans for the past couple years, and both of them have been up to Chicago for a couple of stints. This year, the manager is Hall-of-Famer Ryne Sandberg, who is a huge hit with the fans as well. Together, all three have one common goal: Get back to The Show.

5/25 - The Visiting Team (Sort of)

This was my first Iowa Cubs game that I've shot since I came back home to Des Moines, Iowa for a week. Since I got the internship with the Rochester Red Wings, I felt that I was the "visiting" photographer. Something like where a player has been with a team for several years, then signed on with some other team and returned to the ballpark play against his old team. I felt something like that today. But it was really nice to be back at Principal Park just for old time sakes. The images I posted above has the following players (in order): Pitcher Justin Berg, Outfielder Sam Fuld, Pitcher Casey Coleman, and Utilityman Matt Camp at second base.

I'll post a few more pictures form the game later this afternoon. They're more of portraits instead of actions. So check it out whenever you get a chance.

5/25 - The Rise of My Reptuation

Apparently, I made CBS News. The photo I posted below was up there! Check it out at youtube. And it's Closed Captioned as well! This photo was taken at the end of the Atlantic Hockey Championship game in Rochester, New York. Senior Goalie Jared DeMichiel saved 52 shots out of 53 to lead the team to RIT's first AHC Championship.

5/24 - Happy Two Years Anniversary

5/24 - Spreading My Wings

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated this blog in a while! It was in the middle of May, which is a VERY stressful time for all RITers. It's our 8th, 9th, 10th week plus the finals as well. Most stressful time of the year for us.

Anyway, during those times, I actually got an internship with the Rochester Red Wings, the AAA team of the Minnesota Twins. When I got the intern, it was a HUGE step in my goal of working with the Minnesota Twins after I graduate from RIT. Here's some sample of my work from the Wings games.

The first image posted was actually on the front page of MiLB.com for a day or so. Danny Valencia was on a hot streak at the time (riding on a 10-game hitting streak) so they used my picture to show him to the nation. And yes, my name was on the photo! Awesome!

The second picture is Dustin Martin. I took this image right after he watched the ball he hit soar to the right field fence for a homer. Just a nice little picture of him watching the sail. Nice.

The third picture up is Matt Marci pulling a double play. You know what's interesting? In my near-three years of shooting baseball, this was my VERY first successful double play image. Oh, on another note, Marci is from Des Moines, Iowa too! Too bad he went to Dowling High School instead of Roosevelt. Just kidding! Still a great guy.

Toby Gardenhire holds the clean-up picture in the 4th one of the lineup. Toby is actually the son of the Minnesota Twins' manager, Ron Gardenhire. Should be fun to see him getting called up to the show and play for his father. Maybe Toby will finally pay his dad back all of the money he owes him with the major league salary.

In the final picture posted, it was last Friday during their previous homestand. It was raining hard during the game, so I had to shack up in the dugout, staying out of the rain and keeping my equipment dry. This picture of Brain Dinkelman is one of those images where I call it PURE LUCK. I mean, how often do you get to see a broken bat being broken in the picture?? Oh, and did I mention it was raining? AWESOME.