4/29 - Sneak Preview

Here's a little sneak peek of what my final portfolio will be like for my final project in Photo Arts 3. The project is to build a portfolio of about a dozen images with a common theme. My theme is "non-action" baseball photos. The two images posted above are some of the photos that I plan on using for the final portfolio. There are two or three another images already posted in this blog that will be included in the portfolio as well. Can you think which ones they will be?

4/28 - Hittin' the Mall

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been able to post a few pictures up to this blog. I've just been so busy in the past weeks with the trip to Washington DC and my internship with the Rochester Red Wings starting up. Anyway, here's a couple of snapshots that I took while my trip down to Washington DC.
The first image posted is the National History Museum, where the second "Night at the Museum" with Ben Stiller took place.
The second image is obvious. It's the Washington Monument, with our good 'ole American flag waving proudly in front of it.
The third image is the World War II Memorial. The place is awesome. My friends and I spent most of our time walking around the memorial, checking out every quotes and states inscribed into the granite. It's really gorgeous and yet so sad at the time. But I'm proud of those men and women who gave their lives for us in the war. God Bless them.
The last image is the sculpture of what could be our most popular president, Abraham Lincoln. The quote that stands behind him states "In this temple, as in the hearts of the people, for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever."
Overall, I had a blast walking around the National Mall with my friends for a good two or three hours. However, I felt that it wasn't enough time for us to check out everything. We were in a rush. I really want to go to EVERY building in the National Mall and really take it all in. There's just sooo much history that I want to take in.

4/14 - Scanner as a Camera

So for one of my projects for my Photo Arts 3, we had to use a scanner as a our camera and I had a blast doing this one. I took a bunch of stuff that I could fit into my backpack and just scan all the crap I could. But since I was trying to gather things for my final portfolio, I decided to stick with the baseball theme, so I scanned my jersey, a Pacific Coast League baseball, and some batting gloves from Chicago Cubs Ryan Theriot. I though the image turned out pretty nice and it has a great color contrast. And I think the picture represents myself pretty well also!

4/10 - Frozen Four

Well, it was a good run. WAY past anybody's expectations. RIT started out the season 0-5, and then we went on a hot streak, winning our last 12 of 13 games to reach to the Frozen Four. I have to applaud everybody for a GREAT season and good luck to all of the seniors, such as Dan Ringwald and Jared DeMichiel. The two were a HUGE asset to the team.

4/10 - Ford Field

The RIT Men Hockey team reached the Frozen Four for the first time in school history and we got to play at Ford Field, the home of the Detroit Lions. Here's a panorama shot of the stadium. It's actually a football stadium and was converted into a hockey arena by placing the ice rink at one end of the field. If you look closely, you can see some of the football field behind the extended bleachers. I'll try to get some actions shots up soon.

P.S. Click on the picture if you want to see a bigger version of it.

4/10 - Spring Training

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog in the recent days. I've been really busy with other things, such as school, RIT Hockey, and getting ready for the Red Wings baseball to start. Oh, and the RIT/Gally Sports weekend as well.

Anyway, here's a couple of pictures from my trip to the Cubs' Spring Training in Arizona over my Spring Break.

The first picture is Brett Jackson, the Cubs' 2009 first round draft pick. He got hit by pitch at that at-bat and I was able to capture the moment right before when the ball hit him. Incoming pain...

The second picture is a long-time Iowa Cubs Micah Hoffpauir and his daughter, Addyson. We were talking after the game and his wife and the kid came over to him. Addyson went on on the field to run around and wave to everybody, just like her daddy does after every game. I was able to get a great picture of Micah and his daughter looking out onto the field. I love how both of them shows HOFFPAUIR and #6 on the back of their jersey. Like father like daughter.

The third picture is Carlos Zambrano, the Cubs-longest tenure player. It's just a nice action shot that I like.

And the final picture is Iowa Cubs outfielder Sam Fuld, who was signing baseballs before the game was starting. Here's a cool story about him: the day before he signed that ball, he hit a home run to right field and his newborn 3-weeks old son, Charlie, caught the home run ball (with the aid of the mother). It was Charlie's first time to see his dad in action. He's probably thinking, "Here's one for my kid!" Pretty cool, huh?