2/20 - Senior Spotlight, Women Hockey

#2 Danielle Read

#4 Kristina Moss

#6 Tenecia Hiller

#8 Ariane Yokoyama

#10 Kim Schlattman

#11 Ellesha Fortuna

2/20 - 2013 RIT Women Basketball Highlights

RIT guard Jess Kramer is introduced during the pre-games with her teammates. 

Twin sisters Maddie (left) and Mallory Apperson get last minute instructions from their coach before entering the game. 

RIT guard Leslie Havens drive the ball toward the hoop. 

RIT center Courtney Tennant makes a lay-up against RPI. 

RIT forward Kayla Wheeler wheels her way through Penn State Behrend defenders.

RIT forward Kayla Wheeler takes a sip of water during a time out. 

RIT senior guard Jackie Hom quarterbacks the ball up the court. 

RIT guard Jess Kramer looks for an open teammate to pass the ball to. 

RIT head coach Amy Reed reacts to a call. 

The RIT women basketball' starters discuss their game plan before the tip-off. 

RIT seniors Jackie Hom (#45) and Leslie Havens share a quiet moment together in their next-to-last game of their four-year career. 

RIT senior Jackie Hom is introduced during the pre-game for the final time in her career. 

RIT senior Leslie Havens holds back her tears as she walks off the court for the final time in her four-year career.
She will go down as one of the greatest players in RIT history. 

Hawaii, Kepaniwai Park's Heritage Gardens

On our way back from visting the Iao Valley, we stopped at this cool place where they had a garden that honored the immigration of Hawaiian, American missionary, Chinese, Japanese, Portugueses, Korean and Filipino cultures. It's a nice quiet area so we took a little time and checked out the sights.

Oh, and every picture in this post was taken with my iPhone.

Hawaii, Iao Valley

Hawaii, Mt. Haleakal√£

If I live in Iowa, then this must be Heaven.

Atop of the 10,023 feet summit of Mount Halekal√£, I stepped out of Hawaii and directly into Heaven. The sleeping volcano is the home of the most amazing sunrise anybody will ever see. When you're up there, you can't even see the land at all. It's like you're floating above the world. The world that we know is gone. As our skin got baked by the warmth of the rising sun in the East, we couldn't believe our eyes at all.

When mom told me about this place, I tried to imagine how beautiful it would be up there.

It completely blew my expectations out of world (pun not intended).


Hawaii, The Capital City

After visiting Pearl Harbor during the morning, we decided to check out downtown Honolulu and stopped at a pretty cool place, the 'Iolani Palace, where the famed statue of King Kamehameha I stands in front of the Palace.

Also, that's where the tv show Hawaii Five-0, my new favorite show, is headquartered as well. 

Anyway, here's a few shots from the city. 

Hawaii, Pearl Harbor

It doesn't matter if you're a history buff or not, American or not, this or that, visiting Pearl Harbor is a requirement on everybody's bucket list.

You MUST visit it at least once in your life. 

When I was there during my day trip to Oahu from Maui, I was just....struck with silence for most of the time. I couldn't say much that day. 

Just to think.... December 7, 1941, the Japanese struck with full force and took America by surprise by bombing Pearl Harbor and killing over 2,400 soliders, doctors, commanders, civilians and more. That vaulted America directly into the heart of World War II. 

If I had the opportunity  I could spend a whole week just visting the area. There are so, so, SO much to learn from it by the visit. I could probably say I've learned so much more than I've read in textbooks when I was a kid in elementary school. 

I did get a little choked up while visiting the Arizona. 1,177 sailors were killed on this ship alone, accounting for a majority of the Pearl Harbor casualty total. Their bodies still lie inside the sunken ship to this day.

The remaning survivors today, when their time has come, they will be buried inside the Arizona alongside their brave and friends, so they can be together once again.