Hawaii, Pearl Harbor

It doesn't matter if you're a history buff or not, American or not, this or that, visiting Pearl Harbor is a requirement on everybody's bucket list.

You MUST visit it at least once in your life. 

When I was there during my day trip to Oahu from Maui, I was just....struck with silence for most of the time. I couldn't say much that day. 

Just to think.... December 7, 1941, the Japanese struck with full force and took America by surprise by bombing Pearl Harbor and killing over 2,400 soliders, doctors, commanders, civilians and more. That vaulted America directly into the heart of World War II. 

If I had the opportunity  I could spend a whole week just visting the area. There are so, so, SO much to learn from it by the visit. I could probably say I've learned so much more than I've read in textbooks when I was a kid in elementary school. 

I did get a little choked up while visiting the Arizona. 1,177 sailors were killed on this ship alone, accounting for a majority of the Pearl Harbor casualty total. Their bodies still lie inside the sunken ship to this day.

The remaning survivors today, when their time has come, they will be buried inside the Arizona alongside their brave and friends, so they can be together once again.