8/13 - Red Wings Rain Delay (First post in over a month)

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't been posting much on my blog! I've been pretty busy this summer with my graphic design classes, friends and traveling. I didn't get a lot of chances to go out and shoot since I was focusing on my Graphic Design classes (will post a few of my work later on).

Anyway, I was getting ready to shoot the Red Wings game tonight and then the rain came along....twice. So I stayed out on the field/in the dugout and got some shots of Frontier Field and the Field Crew cleaning up.

Red Wings line up in the dugout for the National Anthem

The Red Wings Field Crew pulls the trap onto the field

Catcher Rene Rivera says hello to the camera during the rain delay

The front row seats right next to the Wings' dugout floods during the rain delay

A member of the ground crew tries to escape the rain during the rain delay

The cloudy skys creeps over a lone light post at Frontier Field during the rain delay

Frontier Field with the tarp on during the rain delay

The Field Crew finales pushes the tarp off the field for game time