9/29 - A Possible Magazine Cover?

One of my favorite and go-to models, Stephanie Nogueras, brought me an opportunity that I could not turn down. She told me that her manager told her that some magazine (I'm sure sure which one and Stephanie doesn't know too) wanted a new photo of Stephanie. They wanted a picture of her that is in her everyday norm and her hobbies.

I thought that since modeling is one of her hobbies, I'd take a photo of her inside a studio with all of the lightning set-ups. I thought that picture will show off her life as a model. Anyway, I will be submitting three photos of Stephanie; one with the scenery, a headshot, and a full body shot.

Let's hope that I snag a cover!!

Anyway, here are the photos:

9/25 - Saturday Afternoon Sunlight

The title is pretty lame, eh? Friday Night Lights sounds so much better, but whatever.

I had to shoot high school football again for my Sports Photo class, so I went back to the same school. I wanted to back to McQuaid because I know the area and the athletic director there was cool with me, so he let me and my other classmates on the field to shoot.

One of the things that I liked about shooting the game is the sunlight! THE SUNLIGHT! I love shooting sports during the day time. And another thing that I liked about this is that after shooting my first ever football game last week, I got the feel of the game now and I can anticipate the football action now.

Yeah I know I've watched a lot of football games on tv and I know the rules and all that stuff, but the perspective is completely different when you're looking through a camera.

Anyway, here's some of the top shots from the game:

McQuaid (black team) got killed by the Aquinas Institute of Rochester 42-0. I can see why, after all....Aquinas is the number one school in the state of New York and number 50 nationally. 

9/22 - Kiessling the sun

One of my first assignment for my People Photography class, I was supposed to shoot three different images using different types of outdoors lighting. One of the picture was to have the model, in this case, Stephanie Kiessling, stand in front of the sun while I have an assistant reflect the light onto the model's front. Another picture needed the sun to be in her face, but have my assistant "block" out the sun to cast a nice shadow on her face. The third picture needed the model to be IN the shade, then have the assistant reflect the light onto her face.

So here are the three shots that I took of Kiessling recently this week:

9/18 - RIT 'Spring' Training at Red Wings' home

When I heard that the RIT baseball team was having an intrasquad scrimmage at Frontier Field, I knew that I had to go.

I had to go back to my old stomping grounds where I've worked the past two summers with the Rochester Red Wings as their team photographer, so I know all of the quirks and nooks of the Frontier Field.

Since it was kinda low-key, I was allowed to shoot from the field instead of the photo wells in the dugout.

I didn't stay too long because I had other plans, but here's a few shots from the intrasquad practice/game:

9/16 - High School Superfans

You know one of the things that I really really really miss about high school? The fans.

Oh man....to be honest with you, I really think that the high school fans in the nation can be the biggest homers ever. Bigger than college fans and professional sports.

Reason why I think that?

Well, for one, I think it's because the fans have many of their close friends on the football/basketball/baseball team or whatever and they all want to see their friends succeed. And also get bragging rights in the area or region or whatever.

Anyway, like I said in my previous post, I shot a football game recently and it made me realize something....I miss my high school. I miss being part of the super fans section during the women basketball game during my senior year.

So here's a few shots of the fans from the McQuaid football game last friday night:

McQuaid Senior Pat Casey (red shirt, extended arms) leads the cheering crowd known as the 'Lumberjacks' in the third quarter. 

McQuaid Senior Danny Kress is mobbed by the fans during the third quarter. 

McQuaid Senior Cass Lubberts yells for the football team in the fourth quarter. 

McQuaid Senior Tim Gerham sings the school's fight song in the fourth quarter. 

McQuaid Seniors Joey d'Antonio (left) and Pat Casey sings the school's fight song in the fourth quarter. 

McQuaid football fans celebrates their school's 35-6 blowout victory over Wilson high school. 

After looking at all of the photos that I took of the fans, it really really really brought me back to my high school days.

Anyway, to the McQuaid fans that I talked with, I hope you enjoyed the photos as well as I did! I tried my best to match the names to the proper people. It was pretty wild in there!

Anyway, if I'm missing anybody, you can shoot me an e-mail to dylan@dylanheuer.com

And I will try my best to be there at next Saturday's game at 2:00 at McQuaid! It was so much fun shooting the game that I'll try to come by more often.

By the way....scroll down:

Let's see if y'all can top my level of "superfan-ness" from my high school days:

9/16 - Friday Night Lights

So....for the first time in my two-three years of being a sports photographer, I shot a football game. A REAL football game. Not one of those pick up games where my friends get together and play touch football. I mean real football with full on pads and everything.

Anyway, I was shooting a football game for my Sports Photography class at RIT. So I decided to go to McQuaid High School, which is about 10 minutes away from RIT. My goal was try to capture good images that portrays the game of football. I wasn't supposed to cover the game. Just capture good frames from the game.

Anyway, here's a few shots of the game:

McQuaid Junior safety Cory Parker (30) sacks Wilson Senior quarterback Kenneth Terry in the 2nd quarter. 

McQuaid head coach Bobby Bates congratulates (L to R) senior linebacker Jordan Ghyzel (7), senior linebacker RJ Morrow (46) and junior safety Cory Parker in the third quarter.  

McQuaid senior Theo Ekiyor rushes around the line of scrimmage in the third quarter. 

Injured McQuaid junior tight end Derrick Members sits on the bench while he watches the crowd

McQuaid fan, senior Cass Luberts, celebrates with the football team as they march off the field post game

9/10 - A Race to Remember

Before the cross country meet at SUNY Brockport, third-year Erin LaFave was just getting into her own pre-game race routine when she got quite a surprise.

LaFave was surprised by her father and brother, John and Alex LaFave. The duo left Troy, Michigan at 4 am and arrived right before the race to give LaFave even more reason to win the race.

During the race, she was holding her own pace, staying in 3rd, 4th place for most of the race. At the 5500-meter point of the race, she was in third place and it seemed that she would have given up, until she saw her father and brother signing encouragements to her. Something sparked in her.

She used a strong late kick in the home stretch to pass Vanessa Martell, an unattached runner, by 73 one-hundredth seconds to win the Brockport Invitational. She led the RIT Tigers to 2nd place.

"I knew I had to win the race," LaFave said. "My father and brother gave me the motivation to win the race. I just had to win it."

The RIT Women Cross Country team takes off from the starting line. Erin LaFave #340

Erin LaFave leads a pack at the 1-mile point

Erin LaFave pacing herself in third place with 1K left in the race

Erin LaFave turns on the fire and starts catching up...

Passing Brockport Rachel Malone into second place...

...and she outsprinted Vanessa Martell in the last five meters to win the race

Erin LaFave with her brother Alex post-race

The LaFave family. (L to R): Alex, John and Erin

9/7 - A headshot

Here's a quick pic from the RIT-Morrisville Men Soccer game that I really liked:

RIT Senior Forward Dan Holowaty

9/3 - The beginning of RIT Athletics

Well, it's that time of the year again, where RIT is starting up again and their athletics programs are playing some of their first/second games already.

For today, I worked the 2nd game of the RIT Women's Soccer team at RIT Field on the campus, where they faced off against Oneonta. The Tigers defeated Oneonta 1-0 in an overtime match.

Here's a few shots from the game:

Nothing fancy here. It's just the start of the school year, so I should be able to improve down the road. Taking a Sports Photography course this fall! Should be fun!!