9/16 - High School Superfans

You know one of the things that I really really really miss about high school? The fans.

Oh man....to be honest with you, I really think that the high school fans in the nation can be the biggest homers ever. Bigger than college fans and professional sports.

Reason why I think that?

Well, for one, I think it's because the fans have many of their close friends on the football/basketball/baseball team or whatever and they all want to see their friends succeed. And also get bragging rights in the area or region or whatever.

Anyway, like I said in my previous post, I shot a football game recently and it made me realize something....I miss my high school. I miss being part of the super fans section during the women basketball game during my senior year.

So here's a few shots of the fans from the McQuaid football game last friday night:

McQuaid Senior Pat Casey (red shirt, extended arms) leads the cheering crowd known as the 'Lumberjacks' in the third quarter. 

McQuaid Senior Danny Kress is mobbed by the fans during the third quarter. 

McQuaid Senior Cass Lubberts yells for the football team in the fourth quarter. 

McQuaid Senior Tim Gerham sings the school's fight song in the fourth quarter. 

McQuaid Seniors Joey d'Antonio (left) and Pat Casey sings the school's fight song in the fourth quarter. 

McQuaid football fans celebrates their school's 35-6 blowout victory over Wilson high school. 

After looking at all of the photos that I took of the fans, it really really really brought me back to my high school days.

Anyway, to the McQuaid fans that I talked with, I hope you enjoyed the photos as well as I did! I tried my best to match the names to the proper people. It was pretty wild in there!

Anyway, if I'm missing anybody, you can shoot me an e-mail to dylan@dylanheuer.com

And I will try my best to be there at next Saturday's game at 2:00 at McQuaid! It was so much fun shooting the game that I'll try to come by more often.

By the way....scroll down:

Let's see if y'all can top my level of "superfan-ness" from my high school days: