6/19 - My Graduation (by War Yu)

Hello everybody!

I know it has been like OMG FOREVER since I've posted something. It's just that over the last couple weeks/months, I haven't been shooting that much ever since I've graduated. I've been working a lot lately...just not as a photographer, but as a photo editor. That means basically, the photographers send me their photos and I edit them and what not.

One of these days, I'll have to show you a few of the photos that I've edited. Maybe this summer, I'll dust off the dust off my camera and start shooting again, probably high school baseball or something.

Anyway, I officially graduated from RIT just a few weeks ago and I had one of my most best-est friends, War Yu, be my personal photographer. He did an amazing job for someone who just got a crash course on how to work my camera few minutes before the event.

War, you're the best. You're my bro.

Darci Zook, one of my sidekicks over the past three years in the Visual Media program. Best of luck in your future endeavors! 

My boys came to see me graduate! From L to R: Michael Raffanti, Ceasar Jones and my father, Thomas Heuer

BILL NYE CAME TO MY GRADUATION!!! Oh, and Destler in the center. No idea who's on the left. Don't know, don't care!

Class of 2012, oh yeah! Joseph Dalpra is one of my boys too, and one of the major contributors in the Dylan Heuer movie posters. He has been in six of my posters. 

War Yu, the man behind on this day (except for this one, lol. Kudos to Michael Raffanti for the photo)