2/10 - Fitness Sports Ad

Here's a quick shot of the Fitness Sports uniforms that I took for my advertising class. The assignment was to create a still life and use it for magazine cover.

2/5 - RIT Hockey versus Air Force

In the first matchup between RIT and Air Force, RIT extended their unbeaten streak to 22 games with a 1-0 overtime victory.

Head coach Wayne Wilson looks on the game action in the first period.

Goalie Shane Madolora preps to make a save in the second period.

Forward Tyler Brenner shoots the puck toward the net in the third period.

Forward Adam Hartley celebrates his walk-off goal in overtime.

RIT celebrates their lowest-scoring game ever victory over Air Force.

2/5 - Daniel's Expressions

This was an assignment for my advertising photography class. We were required to shoot a model using up to 36 different expressions. The following are the best six that I've chosen out of the 36.

Kudos goes out to Daniel Durant, who will be transferring to Gallaudet to pursue his dream in the acting business this upcoming fall. Best of luck, Daniel. We wish you the best.