2/20 - My Graduation

In what could be my final project at RIT, I decided to call up as many friends as I can and had them come to the studios for a nice simple portrait of themselves.

The reason why I wanted to do this project: To create a memoir for my friends and myself. I want to remember all of the friends that I've made during my time here at RIT. I also told my friends to bring an item that represents themselves to include in the shoot. i.e. baseball bat for me, paint brush for Randy Jackson, PS3 controller for War Yu, etc...

Over 30 people showed up for the shoot and it was VERY successful. I even made a youtube video/slideshow out of the photos that I've composed during the project.

Here's a few shots from the project:

Darci Zook, Class of 2012

Dylan Heuer, baseball

Greg Pollock, the orange jacket

Toby Fitch, soccer

Melissa Jane Kielbus, filmming

Randy Jackson, painter

Anna Bracilano, her smile

Taylor Yukawa, snowboarding

War Yu, gaming

Michael Raffanti, a happy politican

Some of the best friends that anybody could ask for....