9/17 - More Black Hills

Sorry I didn't post anything for the last few days. I've been so busy running (and riding my bike) all over the Black Hills that I didn't have the time to upload some photos that I took! Now that I have some time, here are the photos from the past weekend:

Spike was so excited to join us on the road trip to the Black Hills! 

The Roughlock Falls in the Spearfish Canyon in the northern portion of the Black Hills. 

The Spearfish Canyon. One of my favorite places in the Black Hills. 

A young mountain goat working his way up the hill.

Obligatory Mt. Rushmore photo here. 

The Crazy Horse Memorial. This thing is so HUGE. It's about 10x bigger than the entire Mt. Rushmore! 

Sylvan Lake in the Custer State Park of the Black Hills. National Treasure 2 was filmed here! 

Spike scoping out the lake. 

Mountain Poodle. Seriously. It's a whole new breed! 

Don't forget a special appearance by my Aunt Linda's dog, Maverick! 

And finally, I wanted to congratulate my parents on their 25th anniversary! If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be where I am today. Love you guys!  

9/13 - Black Hills, Day 1

Mt. Rushmore main entrance

The George Washington face through a ravine

A donkey stopped by to say hello!

Tired donkey...

Our dog, Spike, is a Mountain Poodle. It's a whole new breed! 

The Needles of the Black Hills

A small ravine in the Black Hills

8/5 - My continuation of experimenting with landsacpe

Shot these in Water Works Park in Des Moines, by the Bill Riley Trail and the Raccoon River.