12/21 - Drake Bulldogs vs. Central Arkansas Bears

When I'm home during the winter break in Des Moines, I usually go to the Drake's Men basketball games, which is just a five minute drive down the road from my house.

I had a friend who is the team photographer hook me up with a media pass, so I went ahead and shot the game.

It was also my first time shooting a basketball game with a 300mm and I got some great shots out of it! Man, I can't wait until I get my hands on one of those that I can call my own someday!

Drake won the game 87-64. 

12/21 - Rochester Red Wings New Manager

A little overdue here....now that I'm finally at home and all settled in, I'll throw a couple more posts on this blog in the next few days.

A few weeks ago, the Rochester Red Wings, the team that I've worked with the past two summers, hired a new manager, Gene Glynn. So the Red Wings invited me to the press conference and wanted me to cover it for them.

I couldn't say no to it!

And plus, I had to take a headshot of him and that photo will be distributed throughout the ENTIRE major AND minor league baseball. In other words, every team get to see that picture. Pretty cool, eh?

I got a chance to talk to him and show my portfolio. He loved it. He also seem like a great, genuine baseball guy.

Hope he can lead the Red Wings to the promised land!

12/9 - The experiment...success!

Another day...another day of experimenting with the lighting in the studios....another day where Stephanie Kiessling get to step up and volunteer her time for the sake of my friend's War Yu and my future project. After doing some experiments with the lighting on Stephanie, I think War and I finally figured out what we wanted for our future project.

But here's some of the highlights from the photo shoot today (I also experimented a little bit with the colors myself, just to see how it turns out):

More photos of War Yu and yours truly coming at a later date!

12/7 - Different Day, Different Stuff, Part 2

A few more photos from today's shoot, including War Yu as well...

War Yu is watching you...

12/7 - Different Day, Different Stuff, Part 1

Different day, different stuff to test in the studios. My buddy War and I hit up the studios once again to do some more experiments with the studio lighting to see what we want for our future photo shoot. We were fortunate to have a gorgeous model in Stephanie (no, not that one, the other one) Kiessling dropping by to help us out.

We were just messing around and enjoying our time in the studios and this is what I ended up with:

More images from the photo shoot will come at a later date (perhaps later tonight or tomorrow).

12/3 - General Shooting

Today, two of my buddies and I hit up the studios at RIT for some general unofficial shooting. I was itching to get back in the studios so we did several experiments, to get some ideas for my future photo shoots. Anyway, here are the three top shots from the photo shoot yesterday:

Dylan Heuer (yes, with the beard)

Ceasar Jones

War Yu