3/31 - Warren Zone

It was my first time using a hand-held flash outdoors, so it was a new learning experience for me. But based on what I saw from my previous research, I noticed that you can get some nice shots of the background being bright and still have the subject have a normal skin tone. I also liked how in the first image, the background ended up being dark and my model, Drew Warren looked completely normal, not too dark, not too light. Just right. Then again, it was an "accidental" shot for me in a way, because I just put on some random setting. But now I know how to obtain those kind of shots.

3/29 - East Regional Finals

The corner crew holds up the TIGERS sign at the first game of the Regional Tournament against Denver.

Junior Forward Tyler Mazzei celebrates RIT's first goal against Denver

Jared DeMichiel was just deadly in the tournament, stopping 63 of 66 shots.

We're going to the Frozen Four in DetroRIT!!!!!

3/21 - Atlantic Hockey Champions

The title and the pictures simply say it all.

3/20 - Studio Shooting

For this week, one of our first assignment in Photo Arts 3 was that we had to make some sort of a fantasy portrait inside a studio. We were using the strobe lights, which was my first time. I think I did a pretty decent job with the strobes, but I still have a lot to learn about it.

The first picture is my partner-in-crime in all of my classes, Darci Zook. She was trying to dress up like tinkerbell and I painted her face and I think it turned out pretty nice.

The second picture is one of my best friend and my twin brother, Dylan Nulph. I was trying to make him look badass by having him looking mean and put some sort of textures all over his face to make him look rugged in a fantastical way. Yes, it may look really fake, but I think it looks pretty cool. Looks like he could be on a movie poster for some kind of futuristic war movie.

The last picture is just a normal picture of Stephanie Kiessling in her dancing outfit. It was one of my first photos ever using the strobe lights and it turned out pretty nice. I captured her when she was just doing her own thing, just standing around waiting for Darci to do her photo shoot.

I'm still not done with the assignment, but the three should get me started for it.

3/15 My Hounds

Here's a couple of pictures of my dogs back home in Des Moines, Iowa. The top one is Spike, a 1-year old mixture of maltese, yourkie, and a freaking poodle. But he's just an adorable and very playful dog. He's always hopping around the house. I took the picture over winter break during 2008 in the family room and I just captured him at the right moment. He was playing with his toy snake (as you can see in the image) and he heard my camera making noises, so he looked right at it and I just took it.

The second dog is my first puppy, Loki. I got him when I was a sophomore in high school. Right now he's around 5 years old and he's a very loyal dog when it comes to his family, including myself. I took the picture over the recent spring break. I was playing around with my camera in the family room at home and Loki came into the room to check it out. So I just told him to sit down and lay down on the floor and he did. Said his name, looked right at the camera, and I took the picture. Cute picture of these two dogs, eh?

3/14 Leading Off...

Hey all,

Thought that I'd lead off this blog with a photo that I took last fall in Letchworth Park in New York. This was taken near the Middle Falls of the park in mid-September. The four of us hopped over the railing on the trail and just hiked down to the river and just relaxed around there. I took the picture of my friends and that picture entered my "hall of fame" of photos because it has a lot of meaning to me and just a good picture to me in general. When I walked back to the guys, I proceed to fall into the river. Then we made a day of it... with me in my wet clothes.