5/30 - Spunky, Silly Spike

The runt of the Heuer Family, Spike Heuer, a mixture of maltese, yorkie, and a frickin' poodle. But he is just a fantastic dog to be around. As the title describes him, he's silly and spunky. He loves to play with his family and is always doing something in the backyard. In the first picture, he's just running around the yard, which is his favorite thing to do. In the second picture, he's chewing on some sticks. In the third picture, he's like "You looking at me??" And in the final picture, he's chewing on some bottle cap or something. I was taking pictures of him and I had a blast watching my mom trying to chase Spike to get the thing out of his mouth. But anyway, here's my spunky, silly Spike!