6/1 - Constructed Images

First off, I am not trying to offend anybody here. I am simply just stating my own opinion here. Personally, I think Fine Arts Photography is very pointless for myself. The way that I see in the photography world is this:

Photojournalism is there for a reason: to show people what happened.

Advertising Photography is there for a reason: to sell products.

Fine Arts Photography is there for what reason?

Exactly my point. Sure some people may try to tell me that fine arts is there to express your feelings or something like that, but that's not just how I roll myself. If Fine Arts photography works for you, then great. I'm happy for you because you found what you enjoy doing. But I know it just isn't right for me, that's all.

Anyway, one of the assignment for this class was Constructed Images. I have to "construct" the image and try to tell a story in that picture. To be honest, I pulled this idea out of nowhere and just shot it at last minute. Somehow I managed to get an A on this project.


Please don't ask me what's the idea here or what's the theme or whatever. I just pulled this whole thing out of nowhere and just sprayed and prayed for something. I didn't even plan anything or whatever. I was just standing around and saw a paper bag on the floor. I picked it up and gave it to a friend and told him to wear it on his head. That's all I did. Somehow I got an A on it. Yay?