6/1 - Manufactured Landscapes

There was actually only one assignment that I enjoyed shooting for Fine Arts out of about six assignments: Manufactured Landscapes. 

The goal of this assignment was to search around and find a landscape that has been heavily influenced by man. Here's a direct quote from my assignment sheet: "For this assignment you are to observe the large and subtle ways humanity has acted in and on the land."

So I decided to hit the High Falls area in downtown Rochester. Most people would shoot the waterfalls because it's beautiful and rare to see a big waterfall right in the middle of city. But for myself, I shot in the opposite direction, toward the Old High Falls Factory. It was an old factory that has been abandoned for some time now. You can tell that the earth is starting to take over it. I really enjoyed shooting the assignment because I got a chance to shoot from high above on a bridge, which is GREAT for those kind of photos. 

I got a B on this assignment. What the...?

I tried my best on this assignment and ended up getting a B on this. In my previous post about the constructed images, I didn't even try at all and got an A. That's one weird teacher that I had....

Oh well. It's over with. The important thing is that I ENJOYED doing THIS assignment.