6/4 - What? Can't Hear Ya!

STRIKE!! What? Can't hear ya! That's right. Ryan Ketchner, a pitcher for the Toledo Mud Hens (Detroit Tigers) is actually deaf. This is just another example that deaf people can do anything. They simply just can't hear. That's all. Ketchner uses two hearing aids on both of his ears to help him hear the coaches, players, and the umpires. He could become the first deaf pitcher to make it to the bigs since Luther Taylor did so in 1908. If you look closely in the 1st and third pictures, you'll notice that he's wearing his hearing aids during the game. That's his decision. If it was me personally, I'd keep my cochlear implant off. Helps me stay focused on the game. But this is definitely an inspiring story and every deaf child should look up to him as a role model, even if he hasn't made it to the majors yet.