6/25 - Thinking outside the box

Over the recent homestand, I've taken a couple of pictures that I was impressed with myself. I've also tried to get some different angles during the homestand. I was experimenting a lot, trying to think outside of the box and it turned out pretty nice. Overall, I was happy with what I did the past week. I'm always looking for new and creative images around the ballpark and you should start seeing more of them instead of the old generic action pictures. Anyway, here they are:

1 - Jose Morales attempts to tag Buck Coats at home plate
2 - Jason Repko eclipses the sun during the pre-game warmups
3 - Jacque Jones, Repko, and Dustin Martin stands in front of the flag for the national anthem
4 - A rainbow streaks across the sky after a rainy inning at Frontier Field