10/14 - Couples Assignment

For my People Photography class, which I am really really enjoying so far, I had to shoot a couple of any kind (boyfriend/girlfriend, roommates, best friends, etc etc) in an environment that fits them somehow. So I decided to go with my father and my uncle (brothers-in-law), who happened to be in town this week. I'm sure you already saw the pictures, but they ran a 50-Mile/50K road race last Saturday.

I am so proud of them. My dad finished FOURTH overall in the 50K race, while my uncle placed TENTH overall in the 50-mile race. They're runners, that's for sure. Tough athletes.

I wanted to do a "Sportrait" of them relating to that race. So I took them right outside their lake house and had them stand in the middle of the road while holding their numbers from their race.

Steven Sjolund, left, and Tom Heuer poses in the same road they ran on for the CanLake50