11/13 - Lack of Updates

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I'm sure all of you have noticed that there has been a lack of updates on this blog. I undestand that all of you are very excited to see my latest work maybe every 3-4 days or so.

Please understand that I am still a full-time student, who's working through a 18-credit quarter. Plus, I have a job working with the RIT Sports Information. In addition, I do have friends and a life, so I just can't allow my life to revolve around this blog.

HOWEVER, I do have a good news. Thanksgiving break is coming up soon, and I will capitalize on that free time and post as much as I can. Here's a list off the top of my head of what will be on this blog this upcoming week:

  1. Spartans II: Recrudescence (Fake movie posters that I made with my friends)
  2. RIT vs Robert Morris
  3. Halloween Photos?
  4. Volleyball game at Rochester
  5. Toby Fitch and Stephanie Kiessling in the fall season
  6. Vandalism Assignment for my PJ class
  7. Swimming and Diving actions
  8. RIT vs. UConn Game 1
  9. RIT vs. UConn Game 2
  10. Volleyball Final Project?
  11. Corbett State Park (Took photos of it over the summer, but never posted)
So that's a lot of post in the next week, so be sure to keep an eye on this blog!!

Thank you for all of your patience! Your support is greatly appreciated by yours truly!