5/12 - Market to Market Relay Race

In the second annual Market to Market Relay Race in Iowa, my father and some of his neighborhood running buddies teamed up to encounter the 75-mile journey through the farmlands of Central Iowa and downtown Des Moines. The team also participated in last year’s race and finished in 12th place out of 205 teams in. This year, the Benders Buddies team ran to a 23rd place out of the larger field of 263.

The team ran in the memory of Mike Bender, a highly-respected runner in the Des Moines area who lost his battle with cancer earlier this year.

The Bender Buddies team relaxes and poses for a team photo in the transition area in Ortonville, Iowa. 

Brad Nielsen looks on while he warms up for a stage in Ortonville, Iowa. 

Andy Roats finishes up his stage and passes the baton to Tim Schott in Ortonville, Iowa. 

The Bender Buddies team walk to the transition area in Waukee, Iowa. 

Tim Schott strides down the Raccoon River Valley Trail in Stage 13. 

The Bender Buddies discuss running strategies in Waukee, Iowa. 

Jeff Farrell receives the baton from Brad Nielsen at the start of Stage 14 in Clive, Iowa. 

Tom Heuer pushes for the finishing kick after a rain storm in Ashworth Park in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Mike Gould takes off for the beginning of Stage 16 on the Bill Riley Trail in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Mike Gould and Andy Roats team up for the Group Finish across the Union Railroad Bridge over the Des Moines River in downtown. 

The Bender Buddies team runs together in the home stretch of the 75-mile relay race in downtown Des Moines.  

The Bender Buddies teammates (From L to R) Andy Roats, Tom Heuer, Mike Gould, Jeff Farrell, Tim Schott and David Courtad pose for a team photo at the end. The team ran the race in the memory of Mike Bender.