3/1 - National Mall

No, I don't mean the Mall of America.

National Mall.

You know...?

The one in DC?

Yeah, that one.

Anyway, for the past week, a few friends of mine and I headed down to DC from Rochester for our "spring break" in middle of later winter. RIT is an odd school, but whatever.

Most of the week, we've been heading to museums here and there and saw some pretty cool stuff, such as the International Spy Museum and the Newseum. Pretty fun.

Today's our last full day here in DC, so we decided to take a walk around the National Mall, so I brought along my camera and snapped a couple pictures along the way.

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial from across the Tidal Basin. 

The new memorial of Martin Luther King Jr., which was just erected several months ago. 

The Korean War Memorial 

I'm proud to be an American. Red, white and blue all the way. 

Abraham Lincoln in his glory. 

The Lincoln Memorial under a gloomy sky in DC. 

The Washington Monument reflecting in the Reflecting Pool. 

Ken Love pointing out his grandfather, Ben F. Sutton, who died bravely fighting for his country during the Vietnam War. 

A duck, who I've decided to name Connie, after the Constitution, was curious about my camera. 

Hard to believe that I was just at the actual place just few weeks ago. Everybody, you still must go to Pearl Harbor, period. 

Part of the WW2 Memorial. To me, I was always more interested in the Pacific Theater than the European one. 

I knocked on the door. I sold Obama some Chipotle Burritos. He said thanks, then proceeded to have security confiscate my whole life, threw me in jail, and enjoyed the burrito right there in front of me. Yeah, he hates me that much. 

That's all I have from this week! Sorry I haven't been able to post some pictures from the museums, as most of the places forbids photography. COmpletely understand. They don't want to think that I'm a Swedish Spy or whatever.

Also, in the meantime, during the walk around National Mall, my good friend Ceasar Jones played around with my camera for a little bit. He's getting into photography as a hobby, so he snapped a few pics here and there during the walk.

He'll be making a guest post on this blog, and it should be up soon! So keep an eye out for it! :-)