1/18 - West Maui Hana Highway

Hello everybody!

I'm sure some of you have already seen a few selections of my photos from my trip to Hawaii on Facebook. Most of them were taken with the iPhone and a few from my actual camera. But for this blog post, I'll post the pictures that I took with my 'real' camera, haha.

My first full day here on Maui, the family and I headed out and drove on the Hana Highway around Western Maui, just taking in the sights. To be honest here, a few places reminded me of Lake Superior, haha, but later in the week, the family and I will check out Eastern Maui, with all of the mountains and waterfalls and such.

Here's just a few selections from the day. The first few photos are from the area where my family and I are staying at. The last half or so are from the Hana Highway. Other photos will be up in a later post.