11/15 - NCAA Tournament 1st Round

I am very proud for the RIT's Women Soccer. They made their first ever NCAA appearance this season after posting an impressive record of 11-5-2. I had a lot of fun shooting them this season and couldn't be more happier for them after I heard they made it. When I saw that the first game of the tournament was in Pittsburgh, a mere four-hour drive away from Rochester, I knew I HAD to go.

So I went and shot the game. I thought the game was great. It was very evenly matched up between RIT and Ohio Northern University. It was quite a back-and-forth match in terms of ball control. ONU scored the first goal in the first half, but RIT responded in the second half with freshman Quincey Ornellas' (a fellow photographer) goal. 

The game ended up being tied, so it was time for overtime. As usual, the game were still pretty even. In the end, it was time for penalty kicks.

RIT and ONU each scored their first two kicks, but unfortunately, ONU got ahead of RIT and eventually won the game to advance to the second round.

It was pretty heart-breaking to see the girls lose the game, but...that's okay. At least the girls can have something to say to their kids someday in the future.

::Year 2030::

"Kids..., let me tell you about the time when we played in the NCAA Tournament back in 2012..."

Carnegie Mellon University hosts the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament in Pittsburgh, PA on Saturday, November 10, 2012. 

The RIT soccer team warms up against Ohio Northern before the game.

The RIT Soccer team is introduced to the fans against Ohio Northern before the game. 

The RIT Soccer team fires up for the game against Ohio Northern before they take the field. 

RIT goalkeeper Amanda Murray returns the ball to the action against Ohio Northern during the first half.

RIT midfielder Alexa Martinez handles the ball against Ohio Northern during the first half. 

RIT midfielder Jackie Jacobson works her way through defenders against Ohio Northern during the first half.

The RIT soccer team celebrates midfielder Quincey Ornellas's (#22) goal against Ohio Northern during the second half.

RIT defender Shelby Vakiener takes a header to the ball against Ohio Northern during the second half.

RIT forward Jaimie Lewandowski kicks and scores against Ohio Northern during the penalty shoot-outs.

The Ohio Northern soccer team celebrates their victory over RIT after the penalty shoot-outs.

RIT goalkeeper Amanda Murray (#0) is comforted by teammates against Ohio Northern after losing the game in the penalty shoot-outs.

RIT midfielder Ashlene Potter grieves the loss against Ohio Northern after the game in the first round of the NCAA Tournament at Carnegie Mellon University.