8/6 - Reno Bauers (Aces) vs the Iowa Campanas (Cubs)

The Reno Aces have Trevor Bauer. The Iowa Cubs have...umm...Tony Campana. Yeah.

I was planning on shooting the whole game here, but I left early. I had to get back home to work for MLB.com. I needed to cover the games on the west coast (including the Cubs vs Padres) for MLB.com. Plus, the game was just dragging along. It took two hours just to get five innigs in! Either way, here's what I could salvage out of my limited time and from a boring game:

Tony Campana

Matt Tolbert. Every minor league has that veteran depth.

Frankie De La Cruz. Who?

Jack Bauer.

AJ Pollock. One of the D-backs top prospects

Tyler Skaggs. Another top prospect of the D-backs. The Aces are stacked.

HEY! Greg Rohan!

I know I said Jack Bauer earlier, so yeah. 

Tony doing his stuff.

Jim Adduci (Bobby Scales 2.0)

I'm planning on shooting Wednesday's Iowa Cubs game against the Reno Aces, which means you will see Ryan Rowland-Smith (surprised he's still around) against Tyler Skaggs, who should be pretty good. I'll be shooting the whole game as I don't have to work for MLB.com that night.

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