7/6 - 300mm Test

Well, yesterday I got my new toy, a Canon 300mm 2.8. I used that lens pretty much exclusively when I was a student at RIT and shot countless sporting events with that lens, such as the Red Wings games or the Minnesota Twins game.

Now that I'm not a student at RIT anymore, I can't borrow that lens anymore, so I knew that I had to shell out to buy one of these things for my own use. You can obviously tell that that lens may never leave my camera, as I'd be shooting tons of high schools sports and some RIT events this fall.

I was planning on breaking the ice with the new lens by shooting a Roosevelt game yesterday, but the game was cancelled due to excessive heat (over 105 degrees!). So I went with my Plan B: the Heuer Zoo.

Really, nothing fancy here. Just playing around with my new toy :-)