1/28 - TwinsFest Day 2

The second day of the TwinsFest was pretty tiring, but worth it all the same time. Things were going much more smoothly now that we have all of the kinks worked out and know what to expect from the fans that attend the fest.

The day kicked off by having Bobby Hull, the father of Brett Hull, one of the greatest hockey players in history, making an appearance just two booths away from ours signing autographs. One of the Red Wings’ crewmembers was lucky to snag up an autograph from him, on a photo with no teeth in his mouth. 

After that, I walked around a saw a few familiar faces in Jeff Manship, Liam Hendriks and Chris Parmelee signing autographs in their usual corner. Dropped a quick hello to Manship and Hendriks. At the time, I was wearing a Manship jersey, which I wore for most of the day.

I walked on over to the radio show and saw Jacque Jones, who got a nice ovation from the fans who were watching the show. Jones will be coaching in the San Diego Padres' organization for the upcoming season, although I'm not sure what role he will play in their system just yet. He also mentioned that it was nice to take one year off from baseball. He has been playing baseball his entire life, so he was due for a year off.

My mom and I sat down at the kids’ questions and answers session with Glen Perkins, who had some quite clever answers for the kids. It was an enjoyable time watching Perkins interact with the children. Immediately after that, I recorded an interview between Perkins and Nick. Not sure when the video will be up, but hoping by this week on www.redwingsbaseball.com. It’s quite funny. Check it out when you get the chance.

I got a chance to see Joe Mauer for the first time this weekend, as he made an appearance on the radio talk show. I got up close and sat only 2-3 feet away from Mauer, capturing some nice images of Mauer. Hopefully he’ll have a bounce-back year this season. You can see the photos later on in this post.

Heading back to the Red Wings’ booth, we ran into Gene Glynn, the new manager of the Rochester Red Wings. My family and I stopped and chatted with him for a short time. He’s a Minnesota man, easy to talk with and just a great guy all around. It’s a shame that I won’t be with the Red Wings for the upcoming season. It would have been great to work with him.

Next, my mom and I returned to the kids’ questions and answers (they’re always fun to watch) featuring Ben Revere. He’s great with kids. Always making them laugh. “What’s your favorite ice cream?” a kid asked. “Three scoops of chocolate, sprinkles, peanut m’s & m’s and gummy bears.”

I returned to the Red Wings’ booth for two more interviews with Brain Dozier, a Twins prospect and left-handed pitcher Scott Diamond. Doizer’s favorite movie is Shooter with Mark Wahlberg, while Diamond’s is the Rock starting Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage. Hmm…I like their styles.

Back to the kids’ questions and answers session again: “Hey Danny [Valencia], what’s your favorite tv show when you were a kid?” “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!” Danny replies.

Funny thing, I was just thinking of the following scenario: “Hey Dylan, what was your favorite tv show as a kid?” I would say “Power Rangers.” “How about favorite tv show from today?” “…still Power Rangers...and also CSI NY.”

At end the day, I watched my favorite Wing Kyle Waldrop at the radio talk show and then caught up with him for a little bit afterwards. We walked together back to the Red Wings booth to drop a hello for Nick and Rob.

Overall, it was a pretty long and tiring day, but it was totally worth it because the experience is just too awesome. So glad to see old faces and meet some new people. Day three and the finale of the TwinsFest begin tomorrow! See y’all then.

Down on the Farm....

Jacque Jones

Glen Perkins

Ben Revere

Brian Dozier

Joe Mauer

Gene Glynn (wearing black glasses) and his family

Danny Valencia

The Red Wings' TwinsFest crewmembers