11/16 - CGI Project

This was one of my final projects for the People Photography course for this fall quarter. The assignment was to partner up with a student from the CGI class and try to create an image together. Basically, I take a picture, while my cgi partner add stuff to it.

I had two partners for this assignment, so that means I had to take two separate images, one for each partner.

The whole thing was pretty interesting. I somewhat had a tough time handing over my image to my partner and let them do whatever they wanted to do with the image because it feels like they aren't doing what I see in my head. But I did it anyway and both of my partners did a great job and I think the images came out pretty awesome!

The purpose of this image was to show how overwhelming people can be with the social media today

This CGI environment is similar to the interrogation room from the film Bladerunner

Special thanks goes out to Josh Upton for volunteering his time to take part this project.

The only little gripe i have is that Josh looks a little too small in the second image, but I still think the environment itself is awesome though!