9/15 - The People of RIT

For my first assignment for Photojournalism class, I was supposed to go out and shoot my "life" for one week. That means that I could shoot anything I wanted to: my room, my bike, my friends, my classes, whatever involved in my life. So for part of this assignment, I decided to shoot some of my closest friends. My goal was to capture them in their natural mode, not posed. So here's six of my closest friends that I had the opportunity to shoot!

Drew Warren, a second-year New Media Marketing student (and my roommate), puts down rope lights in the kitchen in our apartment.

Joshuah Upton, a fourth-year Mechincal Engineering Technology student, is caught off-guard as I took his picture.

Michael Raffanti, a third-year Technical Communications student, works on his laptop as he preps for his next class.

Stephanie (Stella) Nogueras, a third-year Psychology student, has a laugh while her boyfriend does something stupid in the kitchen.

Daniel Durant, a third-year Applied Computer Technology student, smiles as he plays Modern Warfare 2 on his xBox 360 console.